The Odd Couple was very good, and very funny. Though the next time I see a show remind me NOT to sit with the tourists or the B&T people. They rustled papers and/or talked almost constantly through the show.

I had only seen the movie version once, and I enjoyed it but it wasn't a favorite, it's not something I would seek out to watch again for certain.

It's interesting that most musicals have a change of scenery after many of their scenes, while most straight plays that I've seen have almost no change of scenery. Though in the Odd Couple after each scene they drop a scrim to do a slight scenery change, it's still the same basic setting for the whole show.

Nathan Lane is hysterical as a comic actor (this was my first time seeing him in person) and I would love to see him do a straight role. It was kind of sad that he immediately ran off the stage after taking his bow. Literally the other cast members were still mid bow and he turned around and ran off. Maybe he had a hot date.

Matthew Broderick was just okay I thought. He's a pretty good actor, but he used this really odd voice for the part that just didn't seem right.

And I now have a new nickname for my roommate. F.U.
I finally saw Doubt last Wednesday. It was very good, but I'll have to say it was not quite as good as I expected it to be.

Ron Eldard is currently playing Father Flynn and he did a great job, but then again he's so good looking he could do nothing and I would enjoy myself :)

Doubt takes place in 1964 at a catholic school in the Bronx. It's the story of a school principal who has suspicions about their priest and asks one of the sisters to keep her eyes open for anything out of the ordinary. When the sister reports something that may or not be unusual to the principal, she confronts the priest with what she has heard.

The best thing about the show may have been the writing. It's designed to make you decide for yourself whether or not the priest did anything wrong, and they don't give you enough information to know for certain regardless.

It's only the second drama I've seen on stage, and on the way out everyone was talking about it.

Well worth seeing if you get the chance.
I'm so thankful for TDF and there $32 or less tickets for shows.

Since I moved here, I've gotten tickets for - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Sweet Charity, Sweeney Todd, The Color Purple and Chita Rivera's The Dancer's Life.

Yesterday, I ordered tickets for The Mikado at NY City Center and one of the final performances of Fiddler On The Roof.

So in the next seven days I will spend four evenings in the dark, including the night I'm seeing Savion Glover at the Joyce. There are worse things I could do I guess.

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