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From my little family to yours, Merry Christmas everyone.

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Spent some time today working on this year's Christmas cd, though I'm not sure I will complete it.

I am not looking forward to not having a Christmas tree this year, or the ability to decorate my house for the holidays.

Christmas is a big time of the year for me, I love it. I love the memories it brings and the music that goes along with it.

This year (as was last year) will have to be different. All of my Christmas stuff is in boxes in my parents basement and it would be too big of a project to have my mother pack it up and ship it out here. I don't really have the extra money to justify buying a tree this year, when I still need to get so much furniture, I haven't even gotten a dining room table yet!

When I was young my birthday (which falls on the 7th of December) was always the start of the Christmas season for me. I was allowed to stay home from school and my family would put up our tree that day, it was a tradition I brought with me into adulthood.

It's also one I really miss.
This year's Christmas Tree, my first ever full size one (7.5 foot).


Dec. 25th, 2002 12:43 am
We're getting snow, my roommate just got home from his family gathering and said the roads are pretty much covered.

I can't remember the last time we had a White Christmas.

I can't wait to pull my neice around tomorrow on her new sled that Santa is bringing her tonight!


Dec. 24th, 2002 11:52 pm
done finally...

I have one batch of cookies yet to frost.

And a few more gifts to wrap. Namely the dvd player for my niece and nephew (which I probably shouldnt wrap anyway) and the road atlas for my mom and dad.

It always seems a little sad to me, to see the final product of my christmas shopping parked under the tree. I mean ALL those bags carried home and then stuffed into my closet, and that's ALL they look like when wrapped. Seems like a lot of effort for those few packages.

Happy Holidays all.
Merry Christmas everybody.

I hope you have a Happy and safe Holiday

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