I found this very interesting link. It's a timeline of the Frankenstein story.

Amongst other things, I never realized there was a real von Frankenstein castle in Germany.

Check it out.

The trip down to Charlottesville on Wednesday night was uneventful and very long. It took us an hour to get from 13th Street and Ninth Avenue through the Holland Tunnel. We arrived in Charlottesville about an hour and a half behind schedule so I guess we didn't do too bad. It was my first long bus trip.

It was wonderful to see my friend Mikel, and to meet his sister Linda and his mother Mary Lou. I do have to admit that everytime I said Mary Lou I wanted to say, Mary Lou Who. This was my first time visiting Mikel's home in Virginia, though he and John had a home there for a few years before John passed away.

I slept in this cottage which was newly built and very comfortable, though it wasn't heated or insulated. With the help of this very neat gadget and a space heater I was always nice and toasty warm!

Thursday obviously was Thanksgiving and I ended up not having to help with any of the cooking because Mikel and Linda had completed most of it the day before.

We had a total of ten people for dinner, and it was quite an enjoyable time. I was the youngest one in attendance! We had the priest of the church that Mikel attends and a few other assorted friends all of whom were just the sweetest people. This would happen just about everywhere I went in Virginia, but someone actually brought up the The War of Northern Aggression as a topic of conversation.

We finished off the day sitting around the fireplace in the living room drinking chamomille tea.

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