Last week was a really "odd" week. Wednesday night, I was very excited to find out that my parents were secretly planning a trip to come here for Thanksgiving, along with my sister, and niece and nephew. Note the use of the past tense, was. I'll be writing some more on that situation soon enough.

Friday started out really crappy, I was having a horrible allergy attack. It was also the first day of my new allergy routine (I'm on four medications now, so to say I'm feeling a little drugged is an understatement) and I came very close to cancelling my evening trip to see Erasure perform at the McCarren park pool in Brooklyn.

Now anyone who knows anything about me, knows how much I love Erasure. For many years, I was an absolute fanatic about them, I've even lost track of how many times I've seen them in concert, though it is many, many times. For awhile, Andy knew me by name, just from seeing me at the stage door, and even backstage sometimes.

I missed Erasure on their Erasure Show tour (for the Nightbird album), they performed here in NYC the month before I arrived, ten times at Irving Plaza. When they were next in NYC on the acoustic tour, I was in Paris, so I was really looking forward to seeing them Friday, and I was not disappointed.

I joined [ profile] deege, his very sweet friend Aimee, and [ profile] sohipithurts joined us for dinner, but had to leave after the dinner because of work related drama.

As we walked across the park, we heard Erasure begin and they launched into Sunday Girl, which is my favorite song on their new cd. By the time they got to the end of the the second song, Blue Savannah, we had found spots at the fringe of the crowd gathered in the former pool. It was actually a lot of fun, and the weather was perfect for an outdoor concert.

Erasure has always put on a good show, although now Andy has really toned down a lot (age and new hips will do that to you!) and he even lets the three backup singers sing the really high parts now. You just can't help but enjoy yourself.

They chose a nice selection of songs, performing all but three of the songs from the new cd I believe. I did find it strange though that they completely skip over three of their albums I Say I Say I Say, the self titled Erasure (which is probably my favorite of theirs) and Other People's Songs.

Lots of cute men at the concert, and I found myself thinking, is there a more perfect place for me to meet a man? Sadly, it was not to be.

I parted ways with [ profile] deege in the subway, he headed uptown while I headed downtown. In a flash decision I decided to get off at West Fourth and see if I could find [ profile] vernnyc in the Village. That wasn't to be either.

I arrived at Pavonia/Newport PATH station just as a brilliant flash storm hit, and it was beautiful to watch actually. I'm glad that it held out till well after the concert. When the rain died down a little bit, I actually enjoyed walking in it on the commute back home.

It was a great evening all told.
Well, as part of my new job with Cruise Magazine, I have setup an interview with Neil Tennant from the Pet Shop boys for tomorrow at 2:00pm.

I am SO nervous my stomach is in knots. I have met him before, and he's an extroardinarily nice guy and extraordinarily cute in person, but this is just me asking questions and the thought is, well WOW. What do you ask the person who's music you've admired for 16 years.

Guess I'll find out tomorrow. If you have anything you'd ever wanted to ask him, let me know Ill see what I can find out for you :)


Message #2

Feb. 8th, 2002 09:46 pm
What friendly people you all are :) Thanks for the messages of hello. I come and look at my email and there all these messages from people saying hello (and one from a gorgeous hunk of a bear in Wisconsin, Im not naming names though.)

I work at a bar (well if you call it working) Diamond Jim's Saloon, Our manager is moving to Ottawa and tonight is his going away party. But I took slightly too long of a nap, so here I am instead ; ) Doubt that I will make it.

Anyway going to run to my friend Pam's for a bit, be back later :)

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