Today, has been a cathartic day in a sense.

I realized I have the social skills of a gnat and have no right to be outside of the world of my online existence trying to socialize and have friends.

Met up with [ profile] saintgusgus, [ profile] dizzibear, [ profile] livininoz, [ profile] michcubmatt and some other equally woofy people who are not members of the LJ family yet. Went to the new apple store and to wander around tel twelve mall, ended up eating at Max & Ermas. Slightly into our meal together I realized my social skills were still reallking lacking and that at 32 years of age, probably not much is going to change.

The apple store was fun. Except they have some false advertising going on. The display touting the new 1.25 dual ghz g4 was really a dual 1.0 ghz, though Id kill to have one of those 23: cinema screens. Lots of cool things to look at, and some especially woofy men working there.

So we leave the mall, to go to some mutual friends' home and hang out, it was a nice visit I guess. I left because I had to get home and get a few things accomplished for work tmrw at 9;45 am, etc etc etc.

So I leave Jeff and Bobs, and a few miles later BOOM I get a tire blow out. (Mind you Im in a not so great area of town to be stopped on the express way at, Im 45 mins from home and subject to panic attacks). So first I call [ profile] dizzibear, but he wasn't getting good reception on his cell phone and didnt get the call unfortunately. Not that he would have been any help, once I figured out what the problem was going to be.

Got a hold of my roommate who surprisingly agreed to come help me. He got there, we got my car jacked up, and we couldn't get the spare tire off the undercarriage of my car, its been there 10 years and rust has settled in for the next 10 you could say. We ended up leaving my car at the intersection of 96 and Middlebelt road.

I have to work tomorrow until 6:30, then we're going to attempt to go get my car. My roommate works for Pep Boys, so he's going to take my tire in and get a new one put on the rim, but I suppose tomorrow is shot.

My doctor says to stay alive I have to eliminate stress. Would someone tell me how please? :/

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