One of the things that never ceases to amaze me about the universe, is how small that universe really is. I only came to this conclusion after having moved to New York City and realizing that almost every person who was a childhood or young adult idol of mine, were a mere one or two degree of separation one from me now.

One of those people who was influential to me as a young'un was Sam Harris, he of Star Search fame. I loved seeing him on Star Search, knowing that we shared that shameful secret. I was amazed when he opened his voice and out came Patti Labelle's version of Over the Rainbow. In my mind he still may be one of the best male theatrical/cabaret artists ever, of the male genre that is. My friend Marty would call him a singing actor.

I saw him in the late 90s perform in the truck and bus production of Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in Detroit. He was fantastic in the part (and in the loincloth). That performance remains the first time I've ever seen a performer get a standing ovation, during a performance.

I met him 8 years ago, on my 30th birthday. At the time, he was working with Liza Minnelli on her Minnelli on Minnelli show, I don't know what exactly he did for the show, he was just one of Minnelli's in crowd. Aren't all gay men part of Minnelli's in crowd? I didn't mean to be redundant.

I was so excited to see him there in the audience and I went and spoke to him after the performance. When he discovered I was there for my birthday he so sweetly wished me a Happy Birthday and was honestly interested in what I had to say about the show. I explained to him how as a youngster he helped me to see a world outside of New Baltimore, Michigan, where a gay man could go on Star Search and belt Over The Rainbow. He slightly blushed and thanked me for it. Oh, and at the time he wasn't out yet, the Advocate article in which he officially came out, was released the next day. Maybe that's why he blushed a little.

Anyway, a few years ago, I learned a friend of mine through LJ who shall remain nameless, was actually friends with Sam. Well, his partner is friends with Sam. I was fond of teasing him and saying when I come to visit we'll have to do lunch, etc.

Two weeks ago, Sam sent out an email to a group of friends letting them know he had a new song which he was making available as a free download from his website. That email went to my friends boyfriend, said boyfriend received a copy and forwarded it to me. I quickly emailed asking if I could send Sam an email. My friend said that I could, so I did and he wrote back.

He's a very nice man, I just wish he was more successful, he certainly deserves it! I didn't say anything stupid or fawning or anything like that, I'll save those comments for when I get Liza's email address! (I know, I Know, she doesn't have one, two people who know her have told me that already ;)

Anyway, that's the end. The whole incident provided a few minutes of sheer enjoyment and elation when I saw his name popup in my inbox.

Just wanted to share.


Jul. 22nd, 2007 10:45 pm

This was always my favorite Sylvester lp cover. He was sent to do a photo session and asked to "butch it up" a little, now that Sylvester had the potential to reach the masses. A photoshoot dressed like this is what he did to "butch it up". God I loved the guts that man had.

It wasn't used on the album, Mutual Attraction, which would be his last. But it was used to promote a posthumously released collection of tracks.

I can't wait to hear him singing again in Heaven.
What I've just been listening too...

wonderboynj: (I Heart NY)
Yesterday was my first really good day (except for one small incident) in a very long time, which I am very thankful for. I went with the very handsome and sweet [ profile] sohipithurts to see the Pet Shop Boys at Radio City Music Hall.

We did have a bit of trouble getting into the city, the traffic was really bad. We made a quick stop at Rebel Rebel, which is the best music store in the city. I scored all 3 versions of the single for Numb, both cd singles and the 12". I really like the artwork for Numb, it features the Pet Shop Boys wearing "doctor of the plague masks" sitting in a bar. It's quite visually interesting. After shopping we had to have a very fast dinner at Manatus, one of my favorite restaurants in the Village. Then we jumped in a taxi and headed to Radio City.

Last night was my first time inside Radio City and it was really beautiful, and huge. I was quite impressed.

Don't read this part if you don't want spoilers... )

Afterwards, we headed down to the Virgin Megastore in Union Square where the boys were to be doing an in store appearance. The big draw for me was the availability of advance copies of their new book, Catalogue.

We got there and were surprised to find not many people so we got in line. After several minutes of hearing one of the employees keep saying "anyone with a blue wrist band go inside" Vinny went and asked where we got a blue wristband. It was then that we were told that we needed to go into the store first and purchase something for them to sign and then return to this other part of the store (accessible by going back outside) to wait in line.

We ran inside and searched in vain for someone to tell us where to get the products and of course couldn't find someone. Vinny finally asked a cashier who told us "Oh, the books are all sold out." I was really angry. Nothing in any of the adverts for the appearance stated that you needed to get a wristband prior to showing up or anything, and it was clear that some of the people arriving had gotten their bands earlier in the day. So we left, I refused to buy something I already had (either Fundamental or PopArt) and mostly it was I refused to buy something at the store.

It took us awhile to find a taxi and we finally headed back to the village, where Vinny had parked his car. I suddenly had a craving for a Magnolia cupcake so we stopped in and grabbed three of them. One for each of us and one for Vinny's adorable Jack, who was waiting at home, doing God only knows what.

It was a great evening after all.

A little bit of Cyndi.

I love the guy wearing track pants in Victorian London.
This is a neat new feature over at

Sometimes I think I have far too much music, and this isn't even half of my cd/vinyl collection.

i can't wait to get my cd collections sorted out. I think Sean would be impressed with some of the stuff I have. We have very similiar tastes in music mostly....

One thing I've always wanted to do when I lived somewhere where I could have parties, like I could at Sean's house. is hold a monthly get together, to talk about music. Much like a book readers club. People could either purchase a cd and we could all discuss it. Or bring the cd and play it and we could talk about it. I would love to do something along these lines.

Music is such an integral part of who i am.
I've always been a music nut, I love virtually any kind of music at some time and place I guess.

From the time I was a little child and my grandmother would take me to the Oak Park Public Library (which is, interestingly enough, the city I'm going to be living in soon) and we would check out piles of record albums and books for me for when I visited her.

My grandmother lived on the complete other side of town from my parents, so I only saw her at holidays and for two weeks during my summer vacations every year. Though I talked to her on the phone often, and once I could drive I saw her a lot. But back in my younger days it was about an hour to hour and 15 minute trip between the two homes.

Anyway, I spend a LOT of time listening to music, almost as much time as I do online Actually more, because Im always listening to music when Im online.

But I never realized something, until the last few nights....

That revelation you ask??

You can hear SOOO much more things in the music with headphones than you can through any speakers...I have so many great cds and albums now that I want to experience through the joys of these wonderous things...

Thanks for listening...
Found out yesterday that one of my FAVORITE bands from the 80s, Soft Cell (who have recorded a brilliant, brilliant album again recently) are actually coming to MICHIGAN on their whirlwind US tour.

I never though they would stop here, in a million years. But on November 26th I will FINALLY get to see them live. Thats about all thats left of the 80s bands I loved but never saw live.

Their new album is brilliant, I highly recommend it.
My Top 10 Choices... )

It's been a while, but now we can finally announce:


The brand new album from Vince Clarke and Andy Bell, due for release on
Mute in February 2003.

The album features a selection of cover versions of the duo's favourite
songs and was recorded over the last year with producer Gareth Jones [the
co-producer of 'Wild!', 'Erasure' and 'Cowboy'].

The tracklisting has not yet been finalised, but the album is likely to
include versions of 'Ave Maria', 'Ebb Tide', 'Solsbury Hill', 'When Will
I See You Again', 'You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling' and a reworking of
one Erasure classic. Dave Bascombe [who mixed 'Chorus', parts of
'Erasure' and the recent cover of 'A Little Respect' by Wheatus] has
worked on some of the tracks.

More details will follow shortly. In addition, we will shortly be pleased
to announce Erasure's plans for their first UK tour in five years.

Yes - they're back!


Erasure Information Service
- -


Sep. 30th, 2002 12:07 pm
Don't you love it when Music speaks to you...

I'm rediscovering the Martin L. Gore counterfeit e.p.

Got to move on sometime, and its about time

Speaks VOLUMES to me right now


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