Mar. 8th, 2008 05:18 pm
So Gizmo has made me extremely happy by having an appetite today, I've gotten him to eat two times so far and he even is meowing like normal.

This doesnt mean that the kidneys aren't still failing but so long a he is eating and not in pain there are a few things I can do to help him with the kidneys.
One year ago today I adopted Mimi and Gizmo, couldn't imagine my life without them!

Link to the original adoption entry here

The Cowardly Lion The Cowardly Lion
Here's Gizmo, after Jay took him to get his hair done.


Oct. 8th, 2006 02:39 pm
I may have to change Gizmo's name to Evanrude.

When he purrs, you can hear him from about 10 feet away, just like an outboard motor.
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Things have improved greatly for Mimi and Gizmo, they are both very accustomed to me and come and show me affection the minute I appear. Mimi has also been known to sleep with me for short periods of time. They're still a little unsure of my roommate, Jason. Mimi especially.

I've been leaving the door to my bedroom open but they haven't shown much interest in venturing out into the world beyond the door. Just for a few short periods have they gone out, almost always to return very quickly.

I've been attempting to take some pictures, not always the easiest thing to do!
Cat pictures behind the cut... )
Today was a nice day, albeit a little stressful.

I rented my first ZipCar and picked up Vern and headed out to Farmingdale, Long Island to pick up two new additions to my family, Mimi and Gizmo. They are purebred Persian cats.

I had been looking to adopt one cat, or maybe two kittens. It turns out that a friend from work had two that she had basically had to lock into a room for a few years because of her severe allergies to them. I took them because she showed me a picture and it just made my heart melt!

So I have them here now and the poor things are really terrified. Mimi was hiding under my shower curtain and Gizmo hasn't left the carrier. I took a box and cut holes in it for Mimi and she got in it and went to sleep.

So, I had hoped to take a few pictures but I don't want to scare them any more than they already are. So you'll just have to be patient.

Hope everyone is well.

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