Apr. 19th, 2009 10:34 pm
Yes, I'm really listening to that song right now :)

I'm halfway between living in the new apartment and living in the old apartment. Looking forward to being in the new one completely next weekend. Lots of new opportunities.

My cousin Steve's husband is a designer, so he's giving me some tips on how to effectively use the space and it's only weakness, it's a little dark. I look forward to what he has to say.

I look forward to doing some entertaining, maybe some people will actually want to come over. Besides the ever loyal [ profile] vernnyc :)

I've been able to get a few bills paid off, or nearly paid off and I am loving that. Back in February I got a new HDTV and finally got it hooked up to HDTV Cable. LOVING that.

Something is wrong with the box though, every time it powers off it seems to crash and has to be manually rebooted which is a pain in the ass.

Saw Monsters vs Aliens a few weeks ago with Vern, had a great time! I also so Hair, though not with Vern, and had a great time there also. Tomorrow is Vern's birthday.

Coming up I'm going to see Next to Normal on Thursday, and then praying that my move happens over the weekend. May 1st I'm seeing Nine to Five which I'm really looking forward to.


Aug. 7th, 2007 09:42 pm
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Saturday I braved the heat and met up With [ profile] vernnyc to see Hairspray at the Chelsea Queerview, which I really liked despite the absence of Harvey Fierstein.

After the movie we walked down Eighth Avenue in search of something to eat (for me, Vern wasn't hungry). We stopped at Gascogne where the bartender bought us a drink to thank me for some music I gave him a few weeks ago. We ended up having pizza on Christopher Street after a nice stroll through the village and across Bleecker. Walked out on to the Christopher Street Pier and enjoyed the beautiful night, surrounded by many young gay transgendered kids, and their friends and significant others, it was actually pretty nice to see.

Had a quick soda at the Dugout and then parted ways with Vern at the PATH Station. It was great seeing Vern, who I don't see nearly often enough. Had an amazingly quick commute home and made it in about 40 minutes.

Took a few pictures through the evening on my iPhone.

Last week was a really "odd" week. Wednesday night, I was very excited to find out that my parents were secretly planning a trip to come here for Thanksgiving, along with my sister, and niece and nephew. Note the use of the past tense, was. I'll be writing some more on that situation soon enough.

Friday started out really crappy, I was having a horrible allergy attack. It was also the first day of my new allergy routine (I'm on four medications now, so to say I'm feeling a little drugged is an understatement) and I came very close to cancelling my evening trip to see Erasure perform at the McCarren park pool in Brooklyn.

Now anyone who knows anything about me, knows how much I love Erasure. For many years, I was an absolute fanatic about them, I've even lost track of how many times I've seen them in concert, though it is many, many times. For awhile, Andy knew me by name, just from seeing me at the stage door, and even backstage sometimes.

I missed Erasure on their Erasure Show tour (for the Nightbird album), they performed here in NYC the month before I arrived, ten times at Irving Plaza. When they were next in NYC on the acoustic tour, I was in Paris, so I was really looking forward to seeing them Friday, and I was not disappointed.

I joined [ profile] deege, his very sweet friend Aimee, and [ profile] sohipithurts joined us for dinner, but had to leave after the dinner because of work related drama.

As we walked across the park, we heard Erasure begin and they launched into Sunday Girl, which is my favorite song on their new cd. By the time they got to the end of the the second song, Blue Savannah, we had found spots at the fringe of the crowd gathered in the former pool. It was actually a lot of fun, and the weather was perfect for an outdoor concert.

Erasure has always put on a good show, although now Andy has really toned down a lot (age and new hips will do that to you!) and he even lets the three backup singers sing the really high parts now. You just can't help but enjoy yourself.

They chose a nice selection of songs, performing all but three of the songs from the new cd I believe. I did find it strange though that they completely skip over three of their albums I Say I Say I Say, the self titled Erasure (which is probably my favorite of theirs) and Other People's Songs.

Lots of cute men at the concert, and I found myself thinking, is there a more perfect place for me to meet a man? Sadly, it was not to be.

I parted ways with [ profile] deege in the subway, he headed uptown while I headed downtown. In a flash decision I decided to get off at West Fourth and see if I could find [ profile] vernnyc in the Village. That wasn't to be either.

I arrived at Pavonia/Newport PATH station just as a brilliant flash storm hit, and it was beautiful to watch actually. I'm glad that it held out till well after the concert. When the rain died down a little bit, I actually enjoyed walking in it on the commute back home.

It was a great evening all told.
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So, I got the chance to see Bill McKinley (friend of a friend, long story) perform his cabaret show tonight, and it was really good. Of course, I'm a big Disney shlump myself, but he does perform my two favorite Disney songs. Since I know you're asking now, they are - When She Loved Me from Toy Story 2 and God Help The Outcasts from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

The ever-handsome [ profile] mondragon and [ profile] showmeonthedoll were there, with a friend who was equally handsome.

So, I highly recommend seeing it. Oh, and I stole this image from Ernie, sorry ;)

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[ profile] vernnyc reports that a photograph of [ profile] jmy1tenor and myself taken at the Big Apple Ranch 10th Anniversary party is in this week's issue of Next Magazine.


Jan. 16th, 2007 10:03 am
Just ran into the ever wonderful [ profile] vernnyc downstairs in Penn Station and got a hug.

My day just improved exponentionally.
Friday began with a trip to Tea Time Farm, home of Sneaky Pie and of course the author, Rita Mae Brown. John and Mikel were friends of hers and they actually worked as her personal assistants for a few years before she unceremoniously dumped them. This was Mikel's first time back there since that event transpired but I had been invited to see the blessing of the hounds.

Before a fox hunt, someone actually blesses the hounds and in this case it was Judy, the sweet lady and priest who had attended Thanksgiving dinner with us the day before. It was a very interesting once in a lifetime experience, unless of course one lives or grew up in Virginia I guess :)

After the hunt began, Mikel and I headed for Monticello. It was interesting, although expensive for only getting to see about 5 or 6 of the 20+ rooms in the house. The view was amazing though.

We had lunch at an interesting little place called the Mikkhi Tavern (not sure of that spelling), it was basically fast food 18th Century style. Over lunch, we overhead some tourists from Canada discussing the Civil War with their server...

After our visit to Monticello we had to head back to Mikel's home and get ready to head to their church for their last Friday free dinner. They had just started it and didn't want to skip one since it was their turn to bring food. The idea is to have a free meal for anyone who wants to come. There are lots of poor people amongst the area's 15,000 residents, but so far no one except for church members has turned out for a free meal. It was nice though, it was basically the same cast of characters from Thanksgiving.

Then it was home for some more chamomille tea and some much needed sleep.
The trip down to Charlottesville on Wednesday night was uneventful and very long. It took us an hour to get from 13th Street and Ninth Avenue through the Holland Tunnel. We arrived in Charlottesville about an hour and a half behind schedule so I guess we didn't do too bad. It was my first long bus trip.

It was wonderful to see my friend Mikel, and to meet his sister Linda and his mother Mary Lou. I do have to admit that everytime I said Mary Lou I wanted to say, Mary Lou Who. This was my first time visiting Mikel's home in Virginia, though he and John had a home there for a few years before John passed away.

I slept in this cottage which was newly built and very comfortable, though it wasn't heated or insulated. With the help of this very neat gadget and a space heater I was always nice and toasty warm!

Thursday obviously was Thanksgiving and I ended up not having to help with any of the cooking because Mikel and Linda had completed most of it the day before.

We had a total of ten people for dinner, and it was quite an enjoyable time. I was the youngest one in attendance! We had the priest of the church that Mikel attends and a few other assorted friends all of whom were just the sweetest people. This would happen just about everywhere I went in Virginia, but someone actually brought up the The War of Northern Aggression as a topic of conversation.

We finished off the day sitting around the fireplace in the living room drinking chamomille tea.
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This Wednesday right after work I will be heading down to Nellysford, Virginia to spend the holiday with my friend Mikel, whose partner John was my dear friend who passed away in December of last year. I spent Thanksgiving with the two of them last year and we had such a wonderful time we had planned to make it an annual tradition so I am doing my part to carry on that tradition.

The original plan was to have me take the Amtrak train down to DC, and I was really looking forward to that because I have never been there, believe it or not. It's a place I would really like to visit though.

I had been checking the Amtrak website everyday hoping there would be some specials or something. Instead of the price lowering though, a few weeks ago it suddenly jumped, making the cost of the trip about $260 roundtrip. I had to find a cheaper way, not to mention Mikel lives another three hours from Virginia and I didn't want to spend almost $300 plus make him drive all that way to get me!

Mikel suggested I look at this company, which his friend Phoebe had used. They run between Charlottesville and New York for $159. It's a luxury bus service with lots of amenities and I quickly signed up.

I'll be leaving immediately after work on Wednesday and getting to Charlottesville at midnight. Mikel will still need to drive about 30 miles to pick me up but at least he's not driving all the way to DC.

I'm looking forward to seeing Virgina, hopefully I will get some Christmas shopping in. Most importantly I'm just looking forward to spending time with Mikel.


Feb. 24th, 2006 03:52 pm
I really like it when you meet a handsome someone with whom you have had only online interactions previously.

And they turn out to be just as you expected they would be.

Thanks Paul.


Mom and I, MOMA, photo by [ profile] vernnyc

Not many people know that my mother was 6'4" and often sported a handlebar mustache. My mom, more commonly known as John Story, passed away on Saturday. He left behind his partner of 21 years, Mikel, nine cats and more friends than he will ever know he had.

I first met John in the dark months after my grandmother passed away. My grandmother passed away in December of 1996, and John and I began talking to each other around February I believe. We met on an irc channel which we used to frequent. We hit it off immediately. I wish I could remember our earliest conversations, John was the best person to have a discussion with, there was literally nothing he couldn't discuss. For good reason people referred to him as a walking encyclopedia.

There was also no subject that John wouldn't discuss with me, and that was something that became an integral part of my life. He was one of two people I knew would give me 100% truth if I asked their opinion on something, the other person being [ profile] vernnyc. The only subject John was uncomfortable discussing, was his own health.

In many ways John became the mother my mom couldn't ever allow herself to be. He was my biggest supporter, my harshest critic and my best friend all in the same skin.

For years John encouraged me to go back to school and to move away from Michigan. When I finally went back to school full time a few years ago he was ecstatic, he was even happier when I made the decision stay permanently in New York City. He would introduce me to people and say that I was the most brilliant person he had ever met. Coming from a man like John, that was not something to be taking lightly.

The last few weeks turned out to be very happy ones for John, for which I am thankful. After Thanksgiving dinner (which turned out to be the last time I would see him) he told me it was the best Thanksgiving he had ever had. I think he was as giddy over Bern as I was.

The day after Thanksgiving, John and his partner Mikel both developed a cough, which their doctor would eventually say was pertussis, or whooping cough. It's basically a diagnosis given to a prolonged cough with no other apparent illnesses present.

On December 6th, his doctor told him that he was presenting with the symptoms of a pulmonary embolism. John had previously suffered from a bad case of deep vein thrombosis, which is basically blood clots caused by travelling. We'll never know what John thought about his doctor's suggestion of him having an embolism because John didn't tell anyone, or apparently do anything about it.

By Friday the 9th, he was having a horrible time breathing. In the early hours of Saturday morning he woke up and couldn't make it to the bathroom on his own, so Mikel called 911. They got him to the hospital and decided they would have to intubate him and put him on a respirator but they wanted to give him some drugs to relax him first.

When the put him on the respirator, the blood clot in his lungs burst and he died almost instantly.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I miss him, he was such a large part of my chosen "family".

Rest in peace Mom, I can't wait to see you again.

p.s. John was a set designer and artist, you can see his online profile here
I wanted to write a little bit about my birthday, which was last Wednesday.

Bern and I were to have dinner with my dear friend John and his partner Mikel, but John was just not feeling up to it, so I cancelled telling him it wasn't a big deal and I would see him again in a few weeks right after New Year's when returned to NYC. That turned out to be false, since John would pass away on Saturday.

Bern ended up taking me to dinner at a place at 20th Street and 7th Avenue called Le Zie. The food was excellent, my only complaint being that the place was very loud, it was like being at a frat party or something.

Afterwards, we walked down 7th Avenue to Cafe Rafaella, where he forced me to order a piece of cake. I say forced because just the idea of looking at a piece of cake made me feel like I was going to explode.

When the cake arrived, they had put a candle in it for me. Bern wouldn't let me blow it out right away though, he said I needed to listen to something. He then pulled out his cd player and put the headphones on me and made me listen to Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday Mr. President. It was very sweet and much more appreciated than having strangers sing to me which has always turned me off at birthday's.

Le Weekend

Dec. 5th, 2005 03:29 pm
What a nice weekend I had finally...

Friday, I accompanied my roommate to Encore on W 47th street to my first Cabaret show, yes I was a cabaret virgin.

We went to see this show. Russell is a friend of one my roommate's co-workers. It was really enjoyable, although not sure it was worth the $30 it cost me.

Saturday, I had an eye doctor appointment and I ordered some new glasses which cost me far more than I've ever spent on glasses before, although luckily my insurance company paid a rather large portion of it.

Then on Saturday, Bern and I schlepped up to my friend's apt in Washington Heights where we finally got to spend our first night together. It was really nice.

I intended to make dinner for the two of us but we couldn't find a place open up there in Upstate Manhattan so I couldn't make what I intended. We ended up settling on just pasta with sauce from a jar and wine, lots and lots of wine.

Sunday morning, we woke up to the first snow of the season, and it was really pretty. It was also freezing in the apartment so thank god we had each other to keep ourselves warm.

We headed down to the MET which involved a breathtakingly beautiful walk through Central Park, sadly my camera batteries died and I didn't get any pics of the park itself. I did get four shots of the front of the American Museum of Natural History.

At the Metropolitan Museum of Art, we were joined by [ profile] vernnyc and [ profile] 42601. Bern and I were hungry so we headed down to the cafe for a bite to eat, and by the time we were done it was 3:30 and time to meet up with [ profile] fuzzyjay and [ profile] whereispaco. Then came the Van Gogh Drawings Exhibition.

The Van Gogh drawings were really great, and I had no idea he did so many. One of the sad things about Van Gogh's career was that so many of his drawings didn't survive. Basically, no one liked them so even the ones he gave to his family and such were destroyed. They even found paintings buried in the backyard of his family's home. So to see so many things of his there was really amazing. Even in the drawings you could see the beginnings of his famous painting style.

After a shopping trip to the gift store, we headed down to Banjeera for a delicious Indian dinner. Bern even liked it and he can't tolerate spicy food. It was breathtaking to see [ profile] whereispaco order Chicken Vindaloo and ask them to make it as spicy as possible.

After dinner we walked up to 11th Street for desert at Veniero's, which was phenomonal. Special thanks to [ profile] vernnyc for introducing me to it. Sadly, Jay and Paco had to leave us quickly to catch their train.

After our desert, Bern, Vern and I walked across St. Mark's place to the Astor Place Barnes & Noble, where Bern had to leave for his trip home to New Jersey. I was sad to see him go.

Vern and I had about 10 minutes to spend in Barnes & Noble before they closed, which was a good thing I already spent far too much doing some Christmas shopping :)

Thanks to everyone for making the day special.
Yesterday was a very good Thanksgiving. I spent it up at my friend John and Mikel's apartment in what I refer to as Upstate Manhattan (W 180th Street).

I schlepped up there about 7:15 a.m. but didn't arrive until 8:30, and who knew the trains would be packed at 7:15 am on Thanksgiving! I went up early to do some help with the cooking. My friend Mikel is a phenomenal cook, and I wanted to see what I could learn from him.

We made a turkey (did it in one of the roasting bags and it was perfect), small new red potatoes with olive oil and dill, stuffing, green bean casserole (with cream of celery soup instead of mushroom), cranberry heaven (which was heaven), lots of wine, sweet potato casserole (which had coconut mixed in, and a topping of crushed pecans). For desert we had an 18th century recipe for sliced lemon pie, and we had a pumpkin pie.

Had a great time with all of the guests. Joining us were Mike's cousin Kathy and her husband and their three children, plus the girlfriend of one of their boys. We didn't leave until about 11pm and of course the A train was running locally so it was a long ride down to Port Authority where I waited with Bern for his bus before heading off to Park Slope. Finally arrived home about 1:00 a.m.

And, the first picture of us together. I'm hoping it's just the first of many holidays with him :)


Jan. 4th, 2003 09:59 pm
Every have one of those events that happen, that you've always wanted to happen, and when it finally does, all you can say is..

Just a catch up post..

Had a great time at [ profile] dizzibears last week putting Jaguar on my machine, thanks Dizzi - ever the consumate friend.

Retail is really getting to me, I hope something else comes along in the meantime, though I would stay plan to stay at Best Buy one or two days a week, the discount is just TOO good to pass up.

Looking forward to meeting [ profile] saintgusgus this Sunday. Any of you who are free, some of us are meeting up at the Apple Store at Twelve Oaks Mall at 3pm on Sunday.

That's about it from me, more soon I promise.

Okay, if your interested in joining us...

We are going to meet at 3pm at the New Apple Store!!!!! The store is located in the Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi.

That gives us 3 hours to do drool etc etc before the Mall closes. Then we can decide what to do for food.

Hope you can join us!
Next Sunday, September 1st, in honor of [ profile] saintgusgus's visit, let's have a LJ Get Together.

To accomodate everyone, I thought we could meet somewhere in the Dearborn area, near the mall, perhaps. Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on where? And also, who even wants to come?

:) Ill be there for sure....
Hi everyone.

Please say a hearty LJ welcome to my friend Kim [ profile] telemann. He's from The Big Orange err I mean Apple :)

Welcome Kim!

Message #2

Feb. 8th, 2002 09:46 pm
What friendly people you all are :) Thanks for the messages of hello. I come and look at my email and there all these messages from people saying hello (and one from a gorgeous hunk of a bear in Wisconsin, Im not naming names though.)

I work at a bar (well if you call it working) Diamond Jim's Saloon, Our manager is moving to Ottawa and tonight is his going away party. But I took slightly too long of a nap, so here I am instead ; ) Doubt that I will make it.

Anyway going to run to my friend Pam's for a bit, be back later :)

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