My friend [ profile] bruyninckx37 asked me why I loved Erasure so much. I've been thinking about it, and this is what I have to say on the subject.

I had first heard of them in May/June of 1987. I was a Junior in High School and working in the Toy Department at Sears. We got tickets to see Duran Duran that summer at Cobo Arena. Listed on ticket stub as the opening act was "Erasure"

I mentioned to my cousin Steven who was working at Sam Goody I hadn't heard of them, although I did know who Vince Clarke was and I had both of the Yazoo cassettes! He made me purchase the cassette release of "The Circus" and I immediately put it into my car and began listening.

I was hooked as quickly as the opening bars of "It Doesn't Have To Be" and singing along to the Swahili chorus the song contains.

The second song started, and I was paying attention to the words "One day the boy decided, to let them know the way he felt inside, he could not stand to hide it, his mother she broke down and cried." Sure enough, I had the break down and cry reaction and I had to pull over and listen to the song again, starting from the beginning. I'd say I was a big fan at that point.

I went on to become a huge fan. I saw them in concert so many times I lost track at some point. I made some great friends because of them, both online forums and at the shows. I got to meet both of them several times, they're both great people, although once you meet someone like that, you don't listen to their music the same way again.

I'm glad Erasure is still around and making music as good or better often than their earlier works.

The lyrics

One day the boy decided
To let them know the way he felt inside
He could not stand to hide it
His mother she broke down and cried

Oh my father
Why don't you talk to me now?
Oh my mother
Do you still cry yourself to sleep?
Are you still proud of your little boy?

Don't be afraid (be afraid)
You don't have to hideaway

The boy he was rejected
By the people that he cared for
It's not what they expected
But he could not keep it secret anymore

Far from home now
Waiting by the telephone
There's a new world
You can't make it on your own
Are you still proud of your little boy?

Don't be afraid (be afraid)
You don't have to hideaway

Don't be afraid
Love will mend your broken wings
Time will slip away
Learn to be brave

Oh my father
Why don't you talk to me now?
Oh my mother
Do you still cry yourself to sleep?
Are you still proud of your little boy?

Don't be afraid (be afraid)
You don't have to hideaway

Don't be afraid
Love will mend your broken wings
Time will slip away
Learn to be brave
Last week was a really "odd" week. Wednesday night, I was very excited to find out that my parents were secretly planning a trip to come here for Thanksgiving, along with my sister, and niece and nephew. Note the use of the past tense, was. I'll be writing some more on that situation soon enough.

Friday started out really crappy, I was having a horrible allergy attack. It was also the first day of my new allergy routine (I'm on four medications now, so to say I'm feeling a little drugged is an understatement) and I came very close to cancelling my evening trip to see Erasure perform at the McCarren park pool in Brooklyn.

Now anyone who knows anything about me, knows how much I love Erasure. For many years, I was an absolute fanatic about them, I've even lost track of how many times I've seen them in concert, though it is many, many times. For awhile, Andy knew me by name, just from seeing me at the stage door, and even backstage sometimes.

I missed Erasure on their Erasure Show tour (for the Nightbird album), they performed here in NYC the month before I arrived, ten times at Irving Plaza. When they were next in NYC on the acoustic tour, I was in Paris, so I was really looking forward to seeing them Friday, and I was not disappointed.

I joined [ profile] deege, his very sweet friend Aimee, and [ profile] sohipithurts joined us for dinner, but had to leave after the dinner because of work related drama.

As we walked across the park, we heard Erasure begin and they launched into Sunday Girl, which is my favorite song on their new cd. By the time they got to the end of the the second song, Blue Savannah, we had found spots at the fringe of the crowd gathered in the former pool. It was actually a lot of fun, and the weather was perfect for an outdoor concert.

Erasure has always put on a good show, although now Andy has really toned down a lot (age and new hips will do that to you!) and he even lets the three backup singers sing the really high parts now. You just can't help but enjoy yourself.

They chose a nice selection of songs, performing all but three of the songs from the new cd I believe. I did find it strange though that they completely skip over three of their albums I Say I Say I Say, the self titled Erasure (which is probably my favorite of theirs) and Other People's Songs.

Lots of cute men at the concert, and I found myself thinking, is there a more perfect place for me to meet a man? Sadly, it was not to be.

I parted ways with [ profile] deege in the subway, he headed uptown while I headed downtown. In a flash decision I decided to get off at West Fourth and see if I could find [ profile] vernnyc in the Village. That wasn't to be either.

I arrived at Pavonia/Newport PATH station just as a brilliant flash storm hit, and it was beautiful to watch actually. I'm glad that it held out till well after the concert. When the rain died down a little bit, I actually enjoyed walking in it on the commute back home.

It was a great evening all told.
// New Erasure Single & Album Release Dates

The brand new Erasure album is to be released on the 21st May in the UK. The North American release date is 22nd May.

The first single from the album has a release date of 2nd April. (The North American single details haven't been confirmed at the time of writing.)

As for the titles of the new album and single, I'm afraid I'm not going to tell you - I'll going to let Andy and Vince tell you in the following video clip:


(By the way the interview that they refer to in the clip will be published later in the year)

It's been a while, but now we can finally announce:


The brand new album from Vince Clarke and Andy Bell, due for release on
Mute in February 2003.

The album features a selection of cover versions of the duo's favourite
songs and was recorded over the last year with producer Gareth Jones [the
co-producer of 'Wild!', 'Erasure' and 'Cowboy'].

The tracklisting has not yet been finalised, but the album is likely to
include versions of 'Ave Maria', 'Ebb Tide', 'Solsbury Hill', 'When Will
I See You Again', 'You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling' and a reworking of
one Erasure classic. Dave Bascombe [who mixed 'Chorus', parts of
'Erasure' and the recent cover of 'A Little Respect' by Wheatus] has
worked on some of the tracks.

More details will follow shortly. In addition, we will shortly be pleased
to announce Erasure's plans for their first UK tour in five years.

Yes - they're back!


Erasure Information Service
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