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In honor of Tina's first birthday, I got her one of those crazy laser pointing toys. Although she doesn't move her hind legs too well, she's doing a great job of batting at it with her front paws.

Looks almost like we are being attacked by aliens.


Feb. 3rd, 2009 02:12 pm

AKA the new TKTS Booth in Duffy Square, was kind of nice, amazing view of Times Square. For some reason this didn't go through on my iPhone.

We went to see Speed the Plow, which was good. Jeremy Piven = YUM.

The announcement today is official, Harvey Fierstein will be returning as Edna in Hairpsray on November 11th.

Up next, Tom Cruise as Katie Holmes in All My Sons.
Because I'm not as good about reviewing what I see as my friend Scott ([ profile] sirpupnyc) is, I'm just going to make a list of what I've seen this year with less than a 5 word review of each :)

Going backwards.

Speed The Plow - Good show. Several great moments.
Mary Poppins - Go see it, practically perfect!
Tale of Two Cities - Torture, cut my head off!
Fuerza Bruta - Hot men, great company. Vern.
Damn Yankees - Great fun.
A Catered Affair - Loved it. Harvey Fierstein!
Sunday In The Park With George - I cried again, amazing.
The Ladies Who Sing Sondheim - Raul Esparza as Patti LuPone.
Sunday In The Park With George - Determined to see it again.
Legally Blonde - Forgettable. Oh, it's gone now.
The Little Mermaid - This is what they did?!
Young Frankenstein - Fun! Love anything well hung.

Coming up soon.

A Man For All Seasons
Thais (My first Renee Fleming performance)


Oct. 12th, 2008 02:23 pm
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To be honest I wasn't looking forward to the new 2 cd set of Soft Cell remixes, but my initial fears have been for naught.

If you're a fan of Soft Cell I highly recommend checking it out, everything on both of the discs is well worth hearing.


Oct. 12th, 2008 02:16 pm

IMG_0390.JPG, originally uploaded by WonderBoyNY.

Iggy is really coming out of his shell. I got two new cat beds yesterday and he quickly adopted this one as his own.

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originally uploaded by WonderBoyNY.
I love this picture of my niece at the American Museum of Natural History

Yaz Concert

Jul. 7th, 2008 08:25 pm
I have an extra ticket for Yaz concert on July 17th if anyone is interested in going.
I had forgotten how hunky the men at Cedar Point tend to be
originally uploaded by WonderBoyNY.
I love stumbling across a great photo that I took and remembering that I love it.

This was taken 3 years ago, just a few days after I arrived in NYC


Jun. 10th, 2008 11:13 pm
Loving having Gary running around, it's hard to be depressed with a 6 month old kitten jumping on anything that moves in his vicinity.

Mimi is less than thrilled with him at the moment. They don't fight which is a great thing. He is constantly trying to get her to play with him, which she hasn't warmed up to yet. Unfortunately, his idea of getting her to play is jumping on her tail as she runs away from him.

So far his two favorite games are playing with his Gray mouse (which already is falling apart) and playing in my bathtub.


May. 29th, 2008 11:42 pm
originally uploaded by WonderBoyNY.
I adopted Gary Ono into my little family last night, he is six months
old and adorable. I am working on getting him bonded with Mimi for
the time being he's living in my guest bedroom.


Mar. 20th, 2008 08:46 pm
wonderboynj: (Homosexual)
Okay, I can understand being upset about the basic accounts, but how exactly is LJ filtering GLBT content?

Can someone please enlighten me?

Thank you.


Mar. 8th, 2008 05:18 pm
So Gizmo has made me extremely happy by having an appetite today, I've gotten him to eat two times so far and he even is meowing like normal.

This doesnt mean that the kidneys aren't still failing but so long a he is eating and not in pain there are a few things I can do to help him with the kidneys.

At least there's one thing to look forward to this summer! Besides [ profile] ohmibear's visit.
This is my review of the unfortunate broadway musical I saw on Thursday, February 7th.

I waited for awhile to write this review because I hoped that my opinion of the show would change, it didn't really.

The show is pretty much awful and if you spend top dollar price for one of those tickets, you will be wasting a good deal of money. In the interest of honesty, I will tell you that my seat was free, even that didn't change my opinion much.

I wanted desperately to love the show, even before I saw it. It has one of my favorite songs in it "Part of Your World".

The set design is horrible, I can't imagine what they were thinking. It's all clear plastic and it doesn't even look good. At one point Arial looks like she is sitting in a soap dish, singing when she has no voice. King Triton rides around on a segway like thing.

Disney shot itself in the foot with the Lion King I think, because every show they do from now on will be compared to it, and it will never match it up to the sheer evening of entertainment that it turned out to be. I even loved Beauty & The Beast, which was pretty much an exact recreation of the movie, with a few special effects and some new songs thrown in.

There are a few good things to say about the Little Mermaid. The first, the cast is stellar, every last one of them. At times you are almost embarassed for them that this talent is being wasted there. Sierra Bogess as Ariel I loved. Sheri Renee Scott as Ursula stole the show, her first act number, the Good Old Days, is the one reason I will buy the cd for. But not at full price, I will buy it used on Amazon. Titus Burgess who plays Sebastian the Crab was amazing as well. His two big songs, Under The Sea and Kiss The Girl were the two best scenes in the show, oh and they used the same set for both of them.

My friend Scott has his particularly scathing review here

With all that said, I still have promised my niece I would take her to see it when she comes to NYC. Maybe then I can actually enjoy it, watching it through the eyes of a 7 year old.
One of the things that never ceases to amaze me about the universe, is how small that universe really is. I only came to this conclusion after having moved to New York City and realizing that almost every person who was a childhood or young adult idol of mine, were a mere one or two degree of separation one from me now.

One of those people who was influential to me as a young'un was Sam Harris, he of Star Search fame. I loved seeing him on Star Search, knowing that we shared that shameful secret. I was amazed when he opened his voice and out came Patti Labelle's version of Over the Rainbow. In my mind he still may be one of the best male theatrical/cabaret artists ever, of the male genre that is. My friend Marty would call him a singing actor.

I saw him in the late 90s perform in the truck and bus production of Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in Detroit. He was fantastic in the part (and in the loincloth). That performance remains the first time I've ever seen a performer get a standing ovation, during a performance.

I met him 8 years ago, on my 30th birthday. At the time, he was working with Liza Minnelli on her Minnelli on Minnelli show, I don't know what exactly he did for the show, he was just one of Minnelli's in crowd. Aren't all gay men part of Minnelli's in crowd? I didn't mean to be redundant.

I was so excited to see him there in the audience and I went and spoke to him after the performance. When he discovered I was there for my birthday he so sweetly wished me a Happy Birthday and was honestly interested in what I had to say about the show. I explained to him how as a youngster he helped me to see a world outside of New Baltimore, Michigan, where a gay man could go on Star Search and belt Over The Rainbow. He slightly blushed and thanked me for it. Oh, and at the time he wasn't out yet, the Advocate article in which he officially came out, was released the next day. Maybe that's why he blushed a little.

Anyway, a few years ago, I learned a friend of mine through LJ who shall remain nameless, was actually friends with Sam. Well, his partner is friends with Sam. I was fond of teasing him and saying when I come to visit we'll have to do lunch, etc.

Two weeks ago, Sam sent out an email to a group of friends letting them know he had a new song which he was making available as a free download from his website. That email went to my friends boyfriend, said boyfriend received a copy and forwarded it to me. I quickly emailed asking if I could send Sam an email. My friend said that I could, so I did and he wrote back.

He's a very nice man, I just wish he was more successful, he certainly deserves it! I didn't say anything stupid or fawning or anything like that, I'll save those comments for when I get Liza's email address! (I know, I Know, she doesn't have one, two people who know her have told me that already ;)

Anyway, that's the end. The whole incident provided a few minutes of sheer enjoyment and elation when I saw his name popup in my inbox.

Just wanted to share.
[ profile] sohipithurts would never point this out, but a song he wrote the music to is now available on iTunes and it's a pretty damn good song.

Of course, I didn't expect anything less :)

Rosa - Sólo Tú


Nov. 4th, 2007 07:34 pm
I'm really enjoying Leopard so far, although there are some reports of it being very buggy, I've only experienced the intermittent dropping of my connection to the internet, which isn't as bad as it sounds.

I just figured out how to connect to my desktop from my iBook and I am tying this via that method. Which I find very cool :)

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.
I found this very interesting link. It's a timeline of the Frankenstein story.

Amongst other things, I never realized there was a real von Frankenstein castle in Germany.

Check it out.

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